Personal Training

30 minute sessions

1×30 minute session: $40

5×30 minute session: $180

8×30 minute session: $280

45 minute sessions

1×45 minute session: $60

5×45 minute session: $275

8×45 minute session: $430

60 minute sessions

1×60 minute session: $70

5×60 minute session $350

8×60 minute session: $545


45 minute sessions $55


Burnsquad class



hybrid and in-person

*limited to 6 students in person, email in advance to secure your spot or be added to the waitlist!

45 minutes of ass kicking strength + cardio

$20 in person/ $15 via zoom

                                                                                Meeting ID: 857 2643 6802

                                                                                   Passcode: 718780324



burnsquad garage/driveway bootcamp

tuesdays 6pm

45 minutes of circuit training. Incorporating different modalities to enhance your burn and learn exercises effectively while having fun in a small group environment.



DISCLOSURE: Burnsquad is an open air, accepting, supportive group that has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. If you’re shit talking, it better be because it’s an inside joke with another member, or you will be asked to leave immediately. I have created this group because I love the energy people create together, and the lasting effect it has on each student. Success comes in many forms, I base mine on sweat and smiles.


 Nutrition Services

Meal Plan

4 weeks: $130

Meal Plan + Nutrition Coaching

4 week meal plan, 30 minute nutrition intake session, two 15 minute weekly phone coaching sessions: $200

Nutrition Consultation


Home Workout Plan + Consult

30 minute consultation + 4 week program design: $180



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