Personal Training


1×45 minute session: $70

5×45 minute session: $325

8×45 minute session: $510

late cancellation policy: sh*t happens, so you get one freebie for bailing without 24hr notice. otherwise you will be charged a session. if ongoing late cancellations occur, i will not SCHEDULe ANY FURTHER SESSIONS and re evaluate our terms.



private group/parties available to organize upon request. Price determined by party size.



45 minutes 


Tuesday: CRCTSQD 4:30pm

More affectionately known as, “Two Set Tuesday”, CRCTSQD is small group circuit training. 

wednesday+ friday:  brnsqd 7:30am

-in person+streaming available-

Friday:  brnsqd 12:30pm -in person only-

45 minutes of ass kicking strength, cardio, and God only knows what else. Anything is fair game for a good time.

*limited to 6 students in person, email in advance to secure your spot.


GROUP CLASS DISCLOSURE : Burnsquad is an open hearted, accepting, supportive class dynamic that has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. If you’re shit talking in an inappropriate way or just flat out disrespectful to anyone, you will be asked to leave. I organically created this group over a number of years teaching in the park. I love the energy people create together, and the lasting effect the camaraderie has on each individual. Success comes in many forms, I base mine on sweat and smiles.


 Nutrition Services

consult + analysis on current nutrition regimen $100
1 month Meal Plan + scheduled support Coaching calls during $300

remote Workout Programming

1 month program: $245

This includes one, thirty minute consultation prior to designing your program for me to create the most effective and safe workouts for you on your own.



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