My wife and I are in our early 70s, in good health but not exercising regularly. When we felt we had avoided exercise long enough, we were fortunate to meet and start working with Jordan. She has helped us change our stubborn habits for the better.

She began by assessing our physical condition, through a series of different activities. She then custom tailored specific programs for each of us. Jordan introduced us to the 30 minute workout—somewhat intense, but short enough to be engaging and practical—which we like. We can tell that even these short workouts are helping us feel stronger and more energetic.

Like every trainer, Jordan supports us with positive comments, like “Great job! You got it!!” The difference is, she is absolutely sincere and her genuine caring really shines through, making our workout feel like a real collaboration.

Jordan’s gym is under the St. Johns bridge, so an early morning visit usually offers spectacular sunrise views. Definitely an extra benefit!

Jordan is a person who listens, who cares, who always has a positive attitude, who can be your full partner in healthy change.

– Mike & Vanna

Working out with Jordan as my personal trainer is amazing! She brings a wealth of fitness knowledge and experience to our sessions along with great enthusiasm. She consistently pushes me farther than I’d push myself and at the end of one of our sessions, she leaves me feeling like I can do great things. My body feels stronger and friends and family comment that they can see a difference, both in some measure of muscle definition, but also in my attitude and overall sense of physical wellness. I’m grateful for Jordan’s guidance and ambition on my behalf. She’s a wonderful personal trainer.

– Jo Workinger

I love working out with Jordan. She’s funny and enthusiastic and sincere, without ever being overbearing or unapproachable. I’ve done a number of fitness classes over the years, from crossfit to barre, yoga to weightlifting. My workouts with Jordan are the only thing I’ve stuck with. Her workouts are constantly engaging and different, I’m always finding new muscles sore, and I’ve found total body confidence. She knows exactly what I’m capable of and just how much to push. I can’t recommend her enough.

– Haley Roark

Life changing is how I would describe my experience learning from Jordan. Before I started the bootcamp program I would spend my off time binge watching Netflix episodes. While this was fun and entertaining it was not helping to create a healthy and active lifestyle. So one day my wife and I decided that we needed a change, so we decided to try out a class at PDXSTRENGH. This was a very fun yet enlightening experience, I realized was out of shape. Also, I had no clue what most of the movements and exercises were. We decided to enroll in the beginner boot camp that was being instructed by Jordan. Jordan was very patient and highly knowledgeable on different ways and techniques to navigate the body through exercises and movements. From day one thru the ending of the program you will learn all you need and have a wonderful training experience. Jordan will turn you into a machine.

Now that I have completed the program I am able to participate in all the classes.  No more binge watching for me. I feel healthier and energized. Life before Jordan was good but now it is amazing.

Thank you Jordan for your knowledge and guidance. It is people like you who make major impacts in a person’s life that are very positive.

– Glenn

I have been working with Jordan for 2 years. She is phenomenal!!! I love the way you work out hard, but it doesn’t feel like a huge chore. She always brings in new moves and rarely replicates her workouts. She is professional, yet warm and friendly. I find her to be a perfect balance of encouragement and push. I highly recommend her to anyone, no matter where you are at fitness wise. She will adapt to your needs.

Happy Customer

-April Shattuck

“I love working out with Jordan. My time with Jordan is literally the highlight of my week. Working out and learning about nutrition with Jordan has not only made me feel stronger its made me feel more balanced and whole. Working out with Jordan has been challenging in ways I never imagined. It’s so worth it.”

-Alex Pond

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