Early Bird Ate the Frickin’ Worm

Early Bird Ate the Frickin' Worm
I awoke this morning with the excitement of starting this blog! I weighed my options and settled on my first photo being a “selfie”(taken at the gym where I work).  My name is Jordan, and I rock the house.  Recently, I’ve had the blessed fortune to be able to only work part time, and take care of my family full time.  My family consists of me, my wife, our two teenage children (girl 17 + boy 14), and 3 little adorable doggies-Papi, Lemon, and the newest addition, Bentley.
With some extra time on my hands,  a friend encouraged me to share my health, fitness, and fun living ways with the greater public.  I pride myself on family values, good food, great work outs, and overall enjoyment in life.  For a gal who doesn’t stop moving, this is going to be a wonderful outlet for me to share my wild life. My final words for today are: Love who you are TODAY, because that person, good or bad, is still YOU. Own it.
I’ll get your taste buds moving tomorrow with my Berry Filled Protein Muffins!
Happy Wednesday Wackos of the World.

One Reply to “Early Bird Ate the Frickin’ Worm”

  1. I am so not an early bird, especially in winter. Good for you though!


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