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Prepping for Fitness

I have clients ask me all the time, “What do I need to eat before I exercise?”.  I’m sure you all have begun a work out session starving. This is no bueno folks.  Once upon a time, I did not fuel my body with the proper tools for a successful work

27 rocks the Chinese New Year!

I had a lovely birthday dinner party this last weekend with a small group of friends. I chose to celebrate what my 26th year was, and retrospectively, wasn’t. The theme was “Chinese New Year”. January 31st, 2014 will begin the year of the Horse. Today marks my last day as

Homemade Pizza- the way to your family’s heart, not their gut.

My family loves pizza, who doesn’t?!  Well, me for one.  I don’t generally eat pizza unless it’s on a “cheat day” or if i’ve been plagued with some serious PMS and have zero willpower.  At any rate, my homemade pizzas are fresh, delicious, and unbelievably low calorie. One square slice

Early Bird Ate the Frickin’ Worm

I awoke this morning with the excitement of starting this blog! I weighed my options and settled on my first photo being a “selfie”(taken at the gym where I work).  My name is Jordan, and I rock the house.  Recently, I’ve had the blessed fortune to be able to only

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